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Our RPM-V1 Easy Radiant Floor Heating System has a vented design which allows air to reach the vinyl adhesive below, across the entire area of the mat, by incorporating a small hole thru the top of every stud.

Introducing The New RPM-V1

The already easy to install RPM just got even easier with the new RPM-V1 (5/16″ height). This newest RPM Mat has a vented design which allows air to reach the vinyl adhesive below, across the entire area of the mat, by incorporating a small hole thru the top of every stud. This venting allows the RPM-V1 to breathe which accelerates the dry time of the adhesive.

One benefit of the new design offers the user the ability to install the RPM over a wood substrate without having to use staples. Another benefit and biggest cost savings of the RPM-V1 is it allows the mat to be installed over concrete using the same inexpensive vinyl adhesive currently recommended for the installation over wood. Patent Pending.

The RPM-330 (5/16″ height) and RPM-500 (1/2″ height) are still available for users who prefer to mechanically fasten the RPM with staples.

RPM Installation

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RPM-330 See How Easy It Is To Use

RPM Mats (Radiant Positioning Mats) are “The Original” heat wire installation mat system.  For nearly a decade they have been used as a backerboard replacing, anti-fracture membrane, designed specifically to ease the installation process for all brands of electric in-floor heat wire.

The unique stud placement and design allows for wire spacing at any 1/2″ increment, all while protecting the wire, during and after installation.  Other benefits include; a thinner installation, easy cement leveling over wire, makes wire layout adjustments fast and easy, lightweight and cuts with no dust, rated tough enough for automobile showrooms and shopping malls, multiple flooring options other than tile can be used on top, made in the USA from 80-90% recycled materials, available in 5/16″ and 1/2″ thickness.

Check out the new RPM-V1, featuring a vented design that rapidly accelerates the dry time of the adhesive, while offering the same benefits as the original RPM.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Incredible product. I will never install a heated floor again without this product. Fast, simple, and most important, produces a nice FLAT surface for installing stone floors or tile. I highly recommend it!

Jerry Burch

Sound Tile & Stone—Gig Harbor, WA

This product has saved me and my crew time and energy. It is very efficient. I use it all the time and the customers are very impressed by the way it goes down and the fact it keeps the wires out of the way from any damage. I have been using the RPM mats since they first came out. It really makes a difference.

Bob Wisniewski

Seaport Tile & Marble Inc—Bellevue, WA

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