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Working with Michael at RPM Mats and Master Wholesale was awesome. They were so generous with their time and expertise. As a newbie I really appreciated it.  Thank you so much! This was my first heated floor installation and I couldn’t have done it without their help.  They helped me determine the proper spool size and the spacing of the wire for the size of the room. Having the peace of mind knowing you can’t damage the wire using the RPM mats just can’t be overstated.  I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks again!
Tim Momsen

Homeowner - Golden Valley, MN

I love this product! I save time and money when I install heated floors and they are tops when it comes to customer service!
Jerry Walton

Decor Carpet One—Renton, WA

DO NOT install a radiant wire heat system without using RPM mats! I can not overstate how easy the mats made stringing the wires. I had to pull up and re-string the wire 3 times before getting the spacing just right. It would have been virtually impossible if I had stuck with the metal straps sent with my heating wire. In addition it would have been more than likely that I would have damaged the wire. The RPM mats are worth every penny. Oh, their tech support was phenomenal. One of the guys even called me back after answering my question because he had thought of something else to tell me. A thousand thanks.
David Sabbagh

Homeowner—Berkley, MI

Simply the best product on the market when it comes to heated flooring installation.
Kevin Keitges

Conner Homes—Bellevue, WA

Can’t say enough good about the product. Goes down easily, protects the wires, and makes a nice level surface to screed the SLC over. I’ve used the mesh wire mats before but never again. Great tech support too! Highly recommended.
Jay Mingrone

Homeowner—New London, CT

Incredible product. I will never install a heated floor again without this product. Fast, simple, and most important, produces a nice FLAT surface for installing stone floors or tile. I highly recommend it!
Jerry Burch

Sound Tile & Stone—Gig Harbor, WA

Worked great, just like it said it would. Best heated floor we have found.
Jerry Hicklin

Murphy Construction—Olympia, WA

This system out performs any in-floor heat system on the market. Perfect results every time.
Terry Vanderweraal

Terrapin Tile and Stone—Vashon, WA

The RPM mats were easy to lay. Routing the wires was a breeze. The job had a bay extension, an island, and two entry ways. Using metal straps on this job would have been frustrating. With the RPM mats I was able to adjust the routing to put the end exactly where I wanted it. I was able to pour and screed 300sf of self leveling compound in one hour with one helper mixing. I would not have been able to do this without the mats. The floor turned out great: Smooth and Level. Great product and great customer service, makes radiant wire installation much more predictable and the finished floor more uniform. Also, thanks to John Bridge Tile Forum for the referral.
Jim Zavislan

Homeowner—Pittsford, NY

Purchased and installed RPM mats for a master bathroom remodeling project in our home. This has been a fun project and I look forward to heated tile floors later this fall. The tutorial video along with the great tech support from Master Wholesale staff made this project rewarding.
John Sheldahl

Skyline Electric—Seattle, WA

Time saver like no other. Stronger lighter and faster than wonderboarding, plus crack isolation and a thermal break. Wish I could use it on every job.
Chad Nickless

Signature Tile—Renton, WA

This product has saved me and my crew time and energy. It is very efficient. I use it all the time and the customers are very impressed by the way it goes down and the fact it keeps the wires out of the way from any damage. I have been using the RPM mats since they first came out. It really makes a difference.
Bob Wisniewski

Seaport Tile & Marble Inc—Bellevue, WA

I have been using this product since shortly after it came on the market. It has been well received by myself and crew. Tons of bonuses here like not having to use wonder board for underlayment,(time saver there), being able to have the wires below the mud surface and out of harms way, (huge peace of mind factor), and just it’s overall ease of use during installation. We love it!!!
Dan Powers

Powers Tile—Lake Stevens, WA

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